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20170729_190426Our life somehow revolves around food being as basic living. We are always fascinated in tasting different varieties of food & cuisines and want to try them at home.

This website is all about old tried and tested recipes passes on from generations and also exploring new recipes from all cuisines. We try out new recipes which we come across in TV, magazines, Internet and of-course our own inventions with few and easy available ingredients at home.

‘We’ Diny & Shilpa are SIL in relation…We are both home makers and love cooking and traveling…we thank our respective families and our better half and their families for their support and encouragement in pursuing our interest/hobby of cooking…

We are from 2 different states of South India. Although born and brought up in a different families with different culture, customs,food etc, here we are united through this website.

We as a family own this cooking website from design, development and posting recipes… Cooking is something which we just love to do. Cooking new recipes and allowing our taste buds to tickle with new flavors made us to take it in bit official way. Thus, this website Hungrykya emerged.


As it’s name indicates, this website is basically meant for food lovers or can we call them “foodies” :-)

Cooking is considered an art. We believe that art is within all of us out there. But, who doesn’t like to be guided well? So,here we are to help you cook some of the easiest, healthy, simple and mouth watering recipes. These can be easily prepared in your kitchen with consuming less of your much precious time and yet the end result delicious!

We can even mention as “learning basics of cooking” as here you can find out simple recipes too which will kill your hunger with different flavors.

We love to explore different places and of-course it will not end without exploring the food.

Our aim is to bring in the different flavors from across the world under one roof. You can find dishes which are based from Punjab, Gujarat, Bengal, Maharashtra, and some Chinese and Greek apart from our own regional foods.

We are glad to be a part of this website as we are somehow, somewhere getting connected to you all. Do try out our recipes and give your feedbacks too. We would be glad to solve your queries related to cooking and also would be glad to cook any “Requested Recipes”.

So… come, let’s begin the journey of cooking… together we can make our life more spicy, sweet and to top-it-all “delicious ” :-)

Happy Cooking !!


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