4 Servings ~ 30 minutes
  • Milk 1 ltr
  • Custard powder 100 gms
  • Sugar 100 gms
  • Chopped Fruits 1 cup

Fruit Custard

We all love desserts. Here is a dessert which is easy to make & delicious in taste. Kids just love it & they love to eat a lot of fruits too.

  • Take a bowl. Add 200 ml of milk. 
  • Add custard powder in it & mix well so that no lumps are formed.
  • Take a pan & pour rest 800ml milk in it.
  • Pour the custard powder-milk in it.
  • Stir well & leave it to boil.
  • Keep stirring or else it will stick on bottom of the pan.
  • Add sugar and mix well so that it can dissolve completely.
  • Let it cool down completely & then transfer it into a bowl.
  • Keep it in fridge for an hour.
  • Serve it chilled in bowl along with chopped fruits.

PS: I have taken here fruits like apple, seedless black grapes & pomegranate. You can take any fruits of your choice but if you are planning to add chopped pineapple in it then after chopping it,saute it in a pan with sugar. Or else it will become bitter very soon.

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