1 Servings ~ 5
  • All Purpose Flour / Maida - 4 tblsp
  • Baking Powder - ½ tsp
  • Sugar - 3 tblsp
  • Oil or Melted Butter - ½ tblsp
  • Milk - 4 tblsp
  • Vanilla Essence - ¼ tsp
  • Salt a pinch

2 Minute Microwave Vanilla Mug Cake

Microwave cakes are so versatile, it can satisfy any sweet cravings at any time of the day. I have made this basic vanilla mug cake and also the chocolate cake many times before, but never had the chance to take pics, as my son would be waiting for it to get ready to eat it up as he would be hungry back from school.

My son is interested in cooking and now a days he helps me in cooking when ever possible. Today my son wanted to cook, so he only came up wit the idea of baking a mug cake for himself. Since this cake takes under 5 minutes to make from start to finish, we went ahead. He made the cake all by himself including the measuring the ingredients..mixing it and baking in microwave.. I just gave him the ingredients.. This is the base recipe, you can customize it as per your liking. You can add nuts, dried fruits or chocolate chips in it to make it more tasty.

I am planning to do few more microwave cakes like banana, chocolate cake among others and will post them too.

This cake is seriously a addictive recipe. It is super delicious, it needs just basic ingredients to make which most of us have already at our home.


You can top it with whipped cream, chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting or simply drizzle it with plain old vanilla icing.


In a microwave safe coffee mug first add all the dry ingredients in a bowl and then wet ingredients one by one and mix them well.
Microwave on high power(mine is 800 watts) for 1.30 mins.
Remove it and let it stand for a min.
Serve warm. Alternatively top with chocolate chips and serve.


My microwave has 800 watts. I cooked it for 1.30 mins. If you have higher power microwave, you can cook it lesser.
You can add nuts or chocolate chips into the batter.

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