Horse Gram Stir Fry
2-3 Servings ~ 35-40 minutes
  • 1 Cup Horse Gram
  • 2 Cups Water
  • Few Curry leaves
  • 3-4 Shallots - Crushed
  • 2-3 Garlic pods - Crushed
  • Red Chilli Flakes to taste (I used about 1 Tsp)
  • 2-3 Tbsp Grated Coconut - Optional
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil

Horse Gram Stir Fry

Mezhukkupuratti/Upperi/Thoran all are different name for a Side dish or a Stir fry used across Kerala. Today, I am posting a traditional Kerala style side dish for rice –  Horse gram Stir Fry. Stir Fry’s are usually made using vegetables. Horse gram is called by different names – Horsegram, Galath, Kulath, Kulthi, Gahat, Kollu, Muthira, kulith, Hurali, Ulava among others through out India.

This is a type of legume, that is used as a staple food for horses in India, which explains its name. Horse gram is very hard in texture and requires prolonged cooking to obtain palatable value. It is consumed as whole seed, sprouts or as whole meal largely in southern India.

The legume can be individually cooked or sprouted & cooked into delicious Sambar, rasam, soups, stir fry, mixed to salads, chutney, added as a vegetable along with Rice preparations.

Horse Gram has many medicinal properties. It is prescribed for people suffering from jaundice or water retention, as part of a weight loss diet, Iron Deficiencies, and is helpful for maintaining body temperature in the winter season.

Here goes the recipe…


– Wash horse gram twice or thrice in water. I usually soak for just1/2 hour, however, you can soak it for 6-8 hours. Soaking reduces the cooking time.
– Add the horse gram along with 2 cups of water and 1/2 tsp salt and pressure cook for 1 whistle on high and 1 whistle on low flame. Allow the pressure to release on it own.
– In the mean while, heat a shallow fry pan on medium heat and add the coconut oil and the crushed shallots & garlic. Fry for a few seconds and add the curry leaves. Sauté till raw smell of garlic goes.
Add the red chilli flakes and saute.
Add the grated coconut if using and saute again.
Strain the horse gram and use water for later use. This water can be used to make soup. (will post the recipe of the Soup and Samabar soon)
Add the strained horse gram and a few tsp of cooked water and mix well. Cook till the water evaporates and switch off flame. (Water is added to help the mixing of the ingredients easy)
Serve as a side-dish with rice or simple Rice Porridge/ Rice Congee.

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