Naadan mutta kurma
4 Servings ~ 45 minutes

Naadan mutta kurma

Ingredients & Method:

Boiled eggs-4
Coconut-1 cup(grated)
Ginger-small piece
Green chilly-2
Cumin seeds-1 tbsp
Dry red chilly-2
Salt-as required

Method: Take a pan & dry roast all the above mentioned ingredients well till coconut becomes golden brown in color. Leave it to cool down & then grind it in mixer till fine paste. Keep Aside.

Coconut oil-2 tbsp
Mustard seeds-2 tsp
Curry leaves-1 string
Turmeric powder-1 tsp
Coriander powder-2 tsp
Chilly powder-1 tsp
Tomato- 1(chopped)
Water-as required

Method:Heat a wok and add the above mentioned ingredients one after the other.
Pour the coconut mixture paste in it & leave for boil.
Switch off the flame & add boiled eggs which has to be toasted in slight oil,salt & turmeric powder.
Serve hot with noolappam,appams or with Malabar parotas.

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