Honey Paneer

Honey Paneer

* Ingredients:

1. Paneer           300 gms
2. Ginger paste  1 spn
3. Garlic paste    1 spn
4. Soya sauce       1 1/2 spns
5. Chilly sauce     1 tspn
6. Salt
7. Oil
8. Onion                       2 sliced
9. Capsicum                1 chopped
10.Green chillies             3
11.Red chilly powder   1 tspn
12. Honey                      2 tspns
13.Coriander leaves


-Cut the paneer lengthwise & put it in a bowl.
-Add 1/2 spn of ginger paste,1/2 spn of garlic paste,1 tspn soya sauce,1 tspn chilly sauce & sprinkle salt.Mix it well & keep it aside.
-Take a pan,pour oil,put paneer,do a shallow fry & keep it aside.
-Take another pan,pour oil,add sliced onion,1/2 spn ginger paste,1/2 garlic paste & salt.Give a stir.
-Add finely chopped capsicum & green chillies.Keep stirring untill it becomes bit soft.
-Add 1/2 spn of soya sauce,1 tspn red chilly powder & 2 tspns honey.Mix well & add fried paneer into it.
-Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
-Have it hot with rotis/puris.

Note:The moment you will put the paneer in oil for frying,the paneer will burst due to the water content in it.So close the pan lid to avoid the oil spilling on you.

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