Chilly Chicken

Chicken also makes a lovely starter before the main course. It makes your hunger level more when you will be having an yummy starter in front of you like this.


1.Chicken                400 gms
2.Soya sauce            2 tbspns
3.Ginger                    2 tbspns chopped
4.Garlic                     2 tbspns chopped
5.Red chilly powder  2 tbspns
6.Vinegar                   1/2 tbspn
7.Oil                           2 tbspns
8.Jeera                      2 spns
10.Onions                2 chopped
11.Turmeric powder   1 spn
12.Coriander powder  1 spn
13.Green chillies            3 slited-seeds removed
14.Dry red chillies        3
15.Garam masala          2 spns


-Clean the chicken pieces first & keep aside.
-Now take a bowl,add soya sauce,ginger & garlic,salt,red chilly powder & vinegar.
-Add chicken pieces into it.Mix it well & keep it aside for 30 minutes.
-Now take a pan,pour oil,add jeera & mareneted chicken into it & pour bit water.Close the lid & keep it for 5 minutes.
-Then add chopped onions,turmeric powder,coriander powder,slited seedless green chillies & dry red chillies & garam masala.Mix it well & keep the lid on for 15-20minutes.
-Serve hot.

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