Beef Cutlet

Beef Cutlet

Beef cutlet is one among the tastiest dish,I can say that it’s my favourite.This cutlet is really delicious & worth to give it a try.

* Ingredients:

1.Beef                                  500 gms
2.Red chilly powder         1 tbspn
3.Black pepper powder   1 tbspn
4. Turmeric powder         1 spn
5. Salt
6.Coriander powder
7. Vinegar                          1 spn
8.Soya sauce                     1/2 spn
9.Water                             1/2 glass
11. Saunf                            1 tbspn
12.Garlic                           4 cloves chopped
13.Onion                          2 chopped
14.Green chillies             3 chopped
15.Curry leaves                 finely chopped
16.Coriander leaves         finely chopped
17.Ginger paste                 1 tbspn
18.Garam masala             1 tbspn
19. Meat masala               1 1/2 tbspns
20.Egg white                     2 eggs
21.Rusk/sweetless biscuit powder            1 cup


-Take beef.Clean it & put it in a cooker.
-Add red chilly powder,black pepper powder,turmeric,salt,coria​nder powder,vinegar & soya sauce.Mix all well & pour 1/2 glass of water.Close the lid & leave it for 20 minutes.
-Take a pan,pour oil,saunf,chopped garlic,onion,green chillies,curry leaves,coriander leaves,ginger paste,salt,garam masala & meat masala.Mix all well & keep aside.
-Take the cooked beef,put it into a mixy jar & give a stir.
-Take the beef & add it with other ingredients.Mix it well.
-Keep another pan,pour oil.
-Make a ball out of that beef & with the help of your left hand palm,give it a oval shape.
-Dip it into egg white & then to rusk/sweetless biscuite powder & then do a shallow fry.

Note:1. Before preparing each cutlet,wet your left hand palm with water so that beef will not stick on your hand while giving it an oval shape.
2. While doing the shallow fry keep checking the oil,as it consumes lot of oil so you have to keep pouring oil.
3. Dipping in egg white is very important otherwise the cutlet will break while doing the shallow fry.

Thoughts on “Beef Cutlet

  1. Yummy…My mom makes these and i love them. Always miss them, now i have this recipe, hope to surprise my mom when she comes this weekend.

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